We are driven by the belief that learning is an art form that has the power to shape the future – starting from the moment you engage. Our purpose is to ignite lasting impact by infusing the art of learning into every education journey we curate. We recognise that true adeptness comes from more than the accumulation of information – it emerges when knowledge is blended with curiosity, creativity & practical application.

We aim to redefine how learning outcomes are achieved. Impactify understands that traditional learning models fall short in preparing people for the complexities of the modern world. Therefore, we are dedicated to crafting innovative, cutting-edge solutions that bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Impactify measures success beyond degrees and certificates obtained, rather by the depth of understanding gained and the ripples of positive change that emanate from the educational community. Through the blend of knowledge, inspiration, and self-discovery we prepare individuals for today’s challenges to master tomorrow’s opportunities.

At Impactify You will

  • Learn by doing – through ‘in action’ experiences and simulations
  • Receive targeted feedback on skill development by industry experts
  • Have access to a variety of course offerings and resources
  • Learn in a way that suits you and control the pace
  • Engage with a community of like-minded people

Rose Garofano
Co-Founder & Director

For over three decades, I have been dedicated to the art of learning and the pursuit of knowledge. From the early days as a child play-acting ‘teacher’ to leading multiple schools in becoming high performing centres of learning, my commitment, love, and passion for working with people has never wavered.

My journey in education started with the belief that formal training would equip me for the challenges of the classroom. Whilst my university degree provided a solid foundation, the reality of the teaching profession was far from the idealised image. I was faced with many hurdles in those first few years of teaching. The past 30 years of being an educational leader in school, system and university contexts  in roles such as Teaching Educator, Head of Faculty, Leader of Learning & pedagogy and Assistant Principal Curriculum, have confirmed that teaching is not just a job; it’s a highly challenging vocation that involves navigating the complexities of human development and emotions. It can be confronting, and the vulnerability is real.

No matter the industry, the need for continuous learning and practical implementation of knowledge is universal. I have proven skills in helping individuals and organisations in change management, cultural and relationship building and alignment, coaching & mentoring, learning design and implementation, innovation and creativity, agility and adaptability and critical thinking and growth development. I see every interaction as an opportunity to connect and have a positive impact.

The most effective way a person can grow in confidence is learning through the practical experiences. Learning needs to blend knowledge with curiosity and fuse practical immersions using the latest technologies.

I am focused on learning, reflecting, implementing and creating impact.

I want to reach more people who feel overwhelmed.

I want to turn your vulnerability into a superpower.


2023 Educational Leader Award (Winner) Teaching & Learning

Issued by Macquarie University Faculty of Arts

2022 Hills International Woman of the Year

Issued by Hills Council

2017 World Teacher Award

Issued by Teachers Guild NSW

Trudy Devereux
Chief Operating Officer

Watching people learn, grow and gain wisdom is what drives me.  Being better today than yesterday.

As a seasoned Executive Leader my experience has focused on overseeing and managing company operations with a strong focus in Change Management, Organisational Design, People Leadership and implementing strategies to optimise efficiency and profitability.

Co-creating positive energy workplaces, leading engaged teams to foster productive outcomes, driving business plans and strategy, with focus on continuous improvement to achieve operational excellence is my passion.

Having gained 25+ experience across a variety of industries, ranging from private family owned, SMEs to Large Multinationals in Australia, New Zealand and UK across Design & Construction, Building Insurance & Repairs, FMCG, Luxury Brands, Marketing & Social Media Agencies with roles expanding across Operations, Digital Transformation & Change Management Projects, Human Resources Management, Risk Management and Work Health & Safety, I love the diversity and enjoy watching change happen.

A proven track record in developing key relationships with CEOs, Senior Leaders, Team Members and Stakeholders based on trust. I identify challenges and focus on the opportunities. Streamlining processes, increasing productivity, reducing costs, and creating a dynamic inclusive company culture is key to my success, together with robust understanding of financial management principles, budgeting, forecasting and analysis.

I’m a passion leader who builds and manages high performing teams.

I love fostering collaboration and innovation.

I’m committed to developing and mentoring team members to maximise their potential.