Impactify is proud to offer SimulationLabX technology, an immersive platform that gives people the opportunity to experience, practice and improve their industry techniques in a safe learning environment. 

Participants interact with avatars to replicate differing ‘learning capabilities’. The avatars respond in real-time, representing a realistic learning scenario. SimulationLabX actors specialise in improvisation and are trained to simulate powerful behavioural and emotional responses from participants. Through this technology, participants will improve their skills in areas such as relationship management and behaviour management, all of which are essential for effective day-to-day job performance. 

SimulationLabX offers a unique simulated experience where all learning is personalised. Each avatar has their own personality and learning characteristics, along with the option to escalate individual levels of behaviour, according to the skill set needs of the participant and industry. 

Professional and educational learning opportunities 

SimulationLabX can be customised for a variety of training applications and performance-based assessments to meet your unique learning objectives, including: 

  • medical and health professional interaction
  • customer service training
  • human resources and management training
  • legal professional simulation
  • educator leadership training.